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Things That Must Be Prepared Before Using Wedding Venue

wedding venue Bali

Famous for its enchanting natural beauty, the Island of the Gods is also appointed to be the best place to have a dream wedding. Thanks to its natural heritage, several Bali wedding venues have emerged that offer various advantages. Even though it is said to be the best place to unite two people in love, it is important to pay attention to several important things to realize your dream marriage.

Important things that must be prepared before choosing a wedding venue in Bali

1. Selection of the Best Wedding Venue

Over time, there are now various kinds of venues that offer various facilities. Starting from hotel-style venues, chapel, resorts or even villas, there are many scattered around the Island of the Gods. With the number of offers given, now is the time for you and your partner to determine the best venue for a wedding. You shouldn’t choose randomly, because you have to carefully consider it.

If you dream of having a wedding in Bali with the nuances of a soothing natural landscape, then choosing The Surga Estate is the right choice. The bride and groom are also given the opportunity to choose the best wedding concept they want. The price offered is fairly affordable, considering the many benefits that can be obtained. It is not surprising that this Bali wedding venue is so hotly discussed.

2. Number of Invited Guests

What should not go unnoticed is the number of guests who will be invited to the wedding. Because the more the invited guests, the more budget the bride and groom have to spend. Even the guests who attended, could determine the best wedding location, considering that not all wedding venues provide spacious space. In other words, the number of guests is a crucial issue and should not be forgotten.

If you really intend to have a wedding in Bali, make sure that the needs of invited guests such as plane tickets and accommodation have been met. In order to reduce bloated expenses in one night, you should rent the Surga Estate as the right choice. Providing a large enough room capacity, guaranteed that all invited guests can be accommodated and can rest comfortably.

3. Choosing Decorations

After choosing the best Bali wedding venue, don’t forget that the decoration selection is no less important. Luckily, The Surga Estate offers a variety of wedding concepts to choose from. Performed by a team of professionals in their fields, the decoration is guaranteed to be so charming and mesmerizing every guest who comes. In order for the message to be conveyed properly, you should choose a decoration in accordance with the natural conditions around it.


The Surga Estate is one of the most popular wedding venues in Bali, because there the bride and groom will be presented with a natural view that can spoil the eyes. The facilities provided are quite complete, so that the wedding ceremony can proceed wisely according to the plan that has been prepared. There is no need to be afraid about prices, because a myriad of benefits can be obtained without having to dig into the pocket too deep.

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